5 Amazing Tips To Keep Your Garden Alive and Functional

Every home deserved to have a garden, not necessarily spacious and luxurious but must be functional especially in the urban areas. However, there are homes, apartments, and townhouses that have limited space. Good thing, you can always make a functional garden even if space is small. You can also do landscaping!

Here are some fantastic tips to make your garden functional and looks alive:

Security and Display Fence

If you are living in a subdivision, you can install some fences for security purpose, as well as a displaying rack for hanging plants and other accessories. You can also paint it with a crisp color or have it painted with different designs that you like. Also, install some other garden accessories to make your garden alive. You can buy a gnome, a bird feeder, and some labels for your potted plants.

Herb Vertical Gardening

Since you have a fence, make use of it and turn that into a vertical garden, just make sure to build it sturdy. You can plant some romaine lettuce, tomato, basil, kale, spinach, chives, etc. Imagine, you can harvest every day for your cooking needs. If you are on a diet, it is advisable to plant your own green leafy vegetables and have some organic fertilizer for care. You can check your local plant supplier for seeds or seedlings. You can also check your landscaper if they can provide.

Potted and Hanging Flowering Plants

A garden without a flowering plant can be dull, so light up your day and put some colors in your garden. Pick some flowering plants that are functional too such as marigold as a natural insecticide, roses, jasmine, etc. Asie from the colors, they bring sweet smelling aroma also that can brighten up your mood instantly. Flower gardening is a gratifying hobby too.

Outdoor Furniture

It is nice to have an afternoon tea while you are relaxing. Buy some outdoor furniture and some griller too for a party and special occasions. You can make your garden a functional, relaxing area for unlimited fun bonding moments with your family and friends.

Landscaped Patio

There are lots of Houston landscaping ideas you can make to your garden. It is ideal to hire a landscaper if you are not sure what to do, especially if your space is insufficient. Although, you can do it yourself, make sure to consult a professional landscaper to know if there is any restriction in your area or if there is a specific landscaping idea that will work well for your home.

Gardening is an excellent hobby and very rewarding for you, especially if you are using your natural produce and make it a happy place for your unwinding time. You can quickly make your own by yourself or hire a landscaper to help you ease into the project. Make it a fun experience and sow the fresh produce of your garden right in the comfort of your home. You will surely love to have a garden at your house.

Post Author: Clare Louise