5 Things You Must Consider When Buying A New Sofa For Your House

Sofa sets can make or break the entire look of a living room. Whilst some people prefer buying prefabricated sofas, some others like to order custom-made sets for a personal touch. Whatever the case is, it is important that you buy sofas from dealers such as Perez Furniture. Since such dealers specialize in making exclusive furniture items, they are well aware of how not to compromise the quality despite offering the items at competitive rates.

5 Things You Must Keep In Mind While Choosing A Sofa Set

There are different kinds of sofas that you can find in the market. Some are circular, some are angled, while some others are straight. Considering the diversity, you must stick to the following 5 things while buying one for your house.

  1. Budget – Remember, custom-made items are always expensive than the prefabricated ones. Besides, more intricate designing means more cost. Thus, always keep your budget in mind while buying a sofa. It’s only a matter of looking carefully that you can find something close to what you desire of within the range you have set.
  2. Type Of Filling – Most people tend to get carried away in the superficial design while completely disregarding the quality of the filling used. Remember, only distortion-free foam in the cushions can stay intact in the long run.
  3. Fabric Type – Cotton and linen are considered the best fabrics because they are breathable. It means that they can easily cool down in summers and warm up in winters to keep you cozy. However, if you have pets, it’s not wise to buy them since fine hair can infiltrate soft fabrics like cotton and linen. In such cases, you should focus on buying dark colors and woven and tight fabrics that can withstand scratches and still look damage free.
  4. Type Of Frame – Now this is one factor that determines the strength of every furniture item. Solid hardwood like dried oak and rosewood are the most beautiful and strongest of all; needless to say, also the most expensive. In case you have budget constraints, go for pine wood that’s more affordable instead of plastic frames that are more likely to crack and damage easily.
  5. Type Of Joinery – Sofas that make use of a combination of joineries like wooden blocks, screws, double wooden dowels, and glues are much stronger than the ones that make use of single joinery be it metal screws or glue.

Post Author: Donna Enn