6 Tips to Move Without Worrying Anything!

Moving can quickly become a nightmare. However, there are steps to simplify life. It’s all about organization to live serenely on D-Day. To make a successful move, everything is a matter of organization and common sense. Our 10 tips to not tear your hair and limit the breakage.

#1: Supply yourself in cartons

Packing is the big word of the move. Supermarkets regularly throw boxes. It is possible to ask them to set aside. It is better to do it in advance. You can do it a week before your move. Make a retro plan and start cartons 3 days before D-Day. You can then take them to your neighbors who live next door.

#2: Avoid busy periods

From May to September, it’s the season of removals. And companies are well aware: their prices are between 30 and 40% more expensive during this period. So, if you can, choose a slimmer period if you are calling for a professional move. Also, prices are also higher on weekends. The ideal would be to move on weekdays, even if taking 2 or 3 days off. However, there are still some companies like Swiftway Moving that still go friendly with their prices even at these peak periods.

#3: Get organized

Filling these boxes can quickly become a great work. Do don’t know what to put in what or where. You can prepare your cartons upstream and categorize them to have less difficulty when unpacking, and especially to record a fewer breakage of glasses thinking that it was linen”.  You must also avoid filling them to the brim so you can lift them later. Don’t hesitate to cut when the box is too big and put the empty on top of the pile.

#4: Work on the chain

The old methods are sometimes the best. Being able to take turns with your friends allows you to move faster. Making chains limits the risk of fatigue, taking breaks and preserving your joints is also very important.

#5: Storage

It is rare to be able to store everything at once at home. A transition period is needed and storing furniture and cartons can be tricky. Solutions exist, such as storing at an individual near you. Storing at a friend’s or parents’ house can also be interesting. 

#6: Enjoy the truck rental

It would obviously be cheaper to claim the services of a friend or relative who owns a truck than to rent one. If you choose to rent, check one way to save time, gas and money. Damien indicates that the usual worries are often related to the rental/ It can happen that the truck is not available on the weekend, which causes delays.

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