A healthy luster is assured once carpet and furniture is cleaned

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Carpet is the floor covering that is number one in the commercial settings. The cubicles and the workstations advent means the fabric may cover businesses in all the places, ceiling to floor. This is a big investment that requires to be safeguarded.

The cleaning and extraction method employs natural power of cleaning carbonation to remove grime and dirt from the carpet surface so that it is extracted easily. There is commercial carpet cleaning done by Nettoyeur Pro-Sec. This process uses less water by 80% than the typical steam cleaning that makes your carpet dry in just a few hours and not days. This is helpful for the commercial areas as you can get back to business and work in a short time. It also eliminates the mold risk and averts mildew growth often coming with excessive use of water.

The commercial carpet cleaning keeps carpets cleaner for a longer time and this promotes a healthier business and working environment for your employees and customers.

Area & Rug Cleaning

Rug cleaning and area rugs enhance the look of your lobby, the uncarpeted spaces and the hallways that help protecting the floors and adding to the décor. However, they are placed usually in heavily traffic areas and quickly become dirty. There is a need for trained professionals to clean virtually all the rugs types.

The cleaning is done using specialized equipment and tools designed for the rug kind. This includes wool, synthetic, silk, cotton, and other types. The rugs are cleaned gently, and this is an effective process that cleans the rug and the drying is a process that preserves the dye and the rug fibers, leaving the rug colors fresh and vibrant. The cleaning products used for cleaning the rug are of good quality that they do not leave the dirt attracting residue so that your rugs are cleaner.

Upholstery Cleaning

Commercial upholstery cleaning includes partitions, desk, sofas, and other commercial upholstered furniture that is in high use. The upholstery cleaning helps the corporate furniture to feel and look as new. It is certified cleaner and is suitable for all types of upholstery and this includes the finest fibers and also hardiest synthetics that is non toxic and safe.


Commercial leather cleaning includes leather furniture that is an investment and needs proper care so that premature drying and aging is prevented. The leather care specialists are professionals to restore the leather furniture after cleaning and ensure to protect it from dirt and spills, thereby replenish the required restoration, ensuring it has a healthy luster.

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