Blinds vs. Shades – What is best for your house?

Are you buying the coverings for your window for the first time? Are you confused as to from where you should start? Are you considering shades or blinds for your window? If your answer is “yes” to all these queries, then the first decision that you need to make is selecting between shades and blinds. You need to find the correct match for the window of your house. If you can decide between shades or blinds, half of your battle is won.

What is the different between shades and blinds?

Most people out there use thewords – Blinds and shades – interchangeably. With this they refer to a numerous style of coverings for your windows. But as a matter of fact, these are two different classes.

In the most common language, blinds are constructed using the horizontal slats and are hard window coverings. On the other hand, shades are such window coverings that are constructed of fabric.However, they both reach their aim of covering the windows in functionality. Also,these two choices have a difference mainly in price, operations, style and other highlights. You can check both the options on mydirectblinds.

How you can choose between the blinds and shades?

The main question before you choose blinds or shades should be if you want to block light or control the privacy of your house.

Light control and Privacy –Shades and blinds can both accomplish these requirements. But the way they do, are two different ways. Shades are made of solid fabric and blinds are made of slats. With shades, you can either open them fully or close them fully. But these slats can be adjusted and tilted for controlling the light.

On the off chance, you are using the light filtering fabric then of course, the natural light can enter in your house. And also, you can keep a complete privacy for yourself. You can browse through the various fabrics on mydirectblinds.

Cleaning of blinds and shades – Blinds of all kinds, even the blackout roller blinds, can be easily wiped down using a soft cloth and a furniture polish. Shades on the other hand when get dirty or dusty, you can always clean them using a brush attachment of your vacuum cleaning machine. You can also clean it using warm water. In case of tough grime,you must opt for professional cleaning.

Durability – The blackout roller blinds are made from materials such as Aluminium, PVC and wood. Thus, are more durable in nature as compared to fabric made shades.

Post Author: Paul Petersen