Boiler Repair Suggestions to Keep Your Home Warm and Safe

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Your boiler is a large HVAC device that keeps your home heated. The boiler has to be functioning well to keep your home warm and comfortable. Like all machines, boilers can sometimes break down or malfunction.

It’s possible to sometimes detect an issue with the boiler before it becomes a huge problem. However, it’s usually best to call a professional before your boiler issue turns into an emergency. Here are some things to look out for so that you can get your boiler repaired right away.

Water or Gas Leaks

If water is coming from your boiler system, this means there’s a problem. The water leakage could be the result of a pipe that is damaged. The leak could also be a sign that your boiler system needs to be repaired or replaced, which means this issue needs to be resolved right away.

There are also instances when the boiler system will leak gas or steam. If you smell gas coming from the boiler or see steam, turn the value off immediately. Whether the problem is from a damaged boiler or a damaged pipe, this is a huge concern. Call a professional as soon as you can to get this issue taken care of.

Cold Water

If the boiler isn’t producing hot water, the boiler system could be failing. If you inspect the boiler and you’re not sure where the problem is, call an HVAC company that will inspect your boiler free of charge. After you have a clear answer for what’s wrong with the boiler, you can decide whether you want to use the company for your repairs.

A Noisy Boiler

When a boiler is not working properly, it can sometimes make strange noises. If you hear squealing or clunking noises, this means that either the piping is not working well or the system is overheating for some reason. If you notice that the noises aren’t going away after you’ve checked for leaks and the noises persist for more than a day, contact a technician to take care of this for you.

Boiler Zones Aren’t Working

Boiler systems are zoned, so if one of the zones is malfunctioning, this means there is a problem with the boiler system. Make sure there are no other problems with the boiler that are keeping it from working. Look for leaks and listen for noises so you can tell your HVAC technician about what you see and hear during your repair appointment.

Boiler Shuts Down Or Only Heats Some Rooms

If the boiler keeps shutting off on its own, this usually means there’s a gas or electrical problem. This symptom also means that something is going wrong with the boiler system. Turn the boiler off and keep it off until an HVAC expert can take a look at the boiler and repair it. If you notice that some rooms in your home are warm and others are cool, the vents may not be working properly. Be sure none of the ducts are blocked. Let a technician know if you’ve checked the ducts and still aren’t getting consistent heating in your house.

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