Confused About Choosing Kitchen Tiles? Check This Guide!

Kitchen is one of the most used and functional areas of our homes, but it deserves aesthetic attention for the right reasons. If you are thinking of replacing the kitchen tiles, there are a few aspects to consider, and in this post, we bring the basic things that one needs to know.

  1. Know the basics of tiles. Tiles are made of different materials, which impact the hardness and porousness. For kitchens, you can consider ceramic or porcelain tiles for the floor, but again, that depends on how hard the tiles are, which is usually rated on a scale of zero to five.
  2. Always select a good supplier. When style, aesthetics and durability matter as much for your kitchen, consider a good supplier. You can check Carreaux Metro kitchen tiles for instance to find the trending textures and colors.
  3. Select the color carefully. Your kitchen is a part of the house and should feel the same. Before try to inject character into the space with tiles, consider the existing color theme and décor of the interiors.
  4. You don’t need heavy tiles for the walls. If you want to add a backsplash for the walls, tiles are a great choice, and there’s no need to go for hard tiles. In this case, style and design matter the most.
  5. Avoid patterns in a small kitchen. While this may seem surprising to some people, but using busy or complicated mix of colored tiles can actually make the kitchen look smaller. Keep in mind that contemporary interiors are all about minimalism.
  6. Consider the big picture. Do you plan to sell the house in near future? If yes, you don’t want to go for tiles that are extremely loud or may seem unattractive to some people. Remodeling should add some value to the house.
  7. Create an accent wall. A lot of homeowners have a thing for the accent wall in the kitchen, which can be done brilliantly with tiles. An accenting wall can be decorated using open shelves or simple hooks to hang your precious cookware.

Finally, always pay attention to the installation of tiles. Many people prefer ceramic and other tiles because of durability, but if installation is not done right, even the best tiles can break in no time. Also, get an idea of the costing and make sure that all the tile supplies come from the same lot, so that they look and feel the same.

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