Do you lose money when you sell a home?

A lot of home sellers are worried about losing money when they sell. While this is a possibility in some situations, most of the time owners can turn a profit if they are careful in how they do things. Hiring a reputable real estate agent and consulting him or her for advice will show you how to make smart choices during your sale.

You Don’t Have to Lose Money When You Sell—3 Selling Tips to Turn a Profit

1. Hire a knowledgeable agent.

Selling a home without an agent does help you avoid paying a commission—but you will often sell for less without an agent, so you may hurt your profits. An agent can tell you want improvements to make and which to avoid so that you sell for the maximum price.

2. Only make improvements that will benefit your sale.

Not every home improvement is going to increase the price of your home. Even some improvements that will raise the price will still cost more on your end than you will net on the sale. Only make home improvements that are well-known for helping sellers get the most out of their homes.

3. Trust your agent to negotiate on your behalf.

A skilled agent will have plenty of experience negotiating home sales. Too many times, sellers make the mistake of getting involved in the negotiations when they would be better off leaving it to the professionals. Your agent will always consult you for a final decision, so the control is always ultimately in your hands. Trust that your agent has your best interests at heart.

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