Exterior Door Materials and Types

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Doors are used as a gateway or entrance to the buildings and homes. In ancient times, wooden doors are widely used.  Due to the evolution of technology, different materials are used to manufacture the doors and are sold in the market. Before selecting the front door, you should understand how well your door can protect and insulate the home. If you are planning to buy doors for sale.

Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass provides more security and energy efficiency compared to wood. If your house is located in harsh or humid climates, these doors are the best choice. The foam insulation in fiberglass prevents heat loss through the door. They do not warp and rust and need less maintenance. You do not have to repaint it frequently. They are less expensive and is a good option for people who like to redecorate the doors. You can buy cheap doors for sale in the market.

Wood Doors

Wood is the only material that can offer natural beauty and gives a traditional and elegant look. Mahogany and Walnut doors will give a stunning appearance to the exterior doors than other wooden materials. The best solid wood door is expensive and can cost up to $2,000. The normal price starts at $200. You have to repaint the wooden doors frequently to prevent the damage from the elements. They have the durability to withstand all the weather conditions. You should concentrate on the thickness of the wood while buying.

Steel Doors

Steel Doors are stronger and provide more security than wood and fiberglass doors. They are resistant to cracks and warping. You can use different colors in steel doors. They come in different styles and are less expensive than wood or fiberglass doors. The wood-grain finish on the steel doors will make them look like real wood.

Aluminium Doors

If you are looking for low-maintenance exterior doors, an aluminium door might be the right option. The price starts at $600 per door. You can get a custom-built aluminium door from the door builders.

Sliding Doors

They are used in the rear side of the home to enter into areas like decks, patios, or backyards. A wide variety of materials with good quality are available in the market but the solid wood is a popular choice. Doors made from steel, aluminium, and fiberglass are also used nowadays. A double-pane low-E glass in these doors will save energy during extreme weather conditions.

French Doors

French doors can be used in a living room, library or study. They give an aesthetic appeal to the entrance. They come in many different materials like wood, fiberglass, steel, and many more. Glasses are used in French doors to add elegance and pleasant appeal.

Customize the Doors

You can customize the door based on your style and request the builders to get it ready for you. You can use good quality elements like doorbell and locks and handles in your door.

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