Four Ways to Add Flavor and Trim Fat From Grilled Food


Grilling is a beautiful American tradition, year-round. Expertly grilled food is great for summer barbecues, fall harvest feasts, warm winter family dinners, and celebrating the first fresh veggies of spring. If you’re looking to liven up bland burgers or trim a few pounds, here are some simple tricks:

Experiment With Lean Meats

Lean burger meats have just a fraction of the fat. However, they can be a little tricky to cook properly. To prevent dry burgers with a rubbery texture, loosely pack the meat and add moist fillings into the mix. Some popular options include chopped onions or black beans. Finally, while cooking, take care not to flatten the burger with your spatula. That will just squeeze the juices out.

Marinate Before Cooking

Marinades are a great way to add tenderness and flavor to everything from fish to chicken to steaks. They are also a bit of a science, so you may need to experiment to find the right mix. Acids like lemon juice help soften the meat up. Herb and spice crusts infuse flavor and add crunch. Brown sugar adds sweetness and a golden color as it caramelizes.

Don’t Forget about Veggies

A lot of veggies will taste especially delicious when seared on the grill. You can go the traditional route here with corn, bell pepper kebabs, or squash. However, everything from Portobello mushrooms to tomatoes can work out. You’ll be surprised how many deep, smoky, complex flavors you can coax out of the veggies you’ve been eating since childhood. Finally, you may want to give grilled pickles a try. Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside, these can really elevate a burger.

Break Out of the Savory Box

If your grilling is getting a little routine, it’s time to experiment with recipes outside the box. Have you ever heard about grilled lemonade? This simple recipe involves grilling halved lemons, then juicing them. Grilling brings out caramel notes in its natural sugars and adds a woodsy, smoky, sophisticated twist to this classic beverage.

Next, take a trip to the fruit aisle. Grilled fruit makes a great base for both sweet and savory dishes. Grilled peaches, served piping hot with a scoop of ice cream melting on top, are mouthwatering and tender. Meanwhile, pineapples can go wonderfully with a lime-ginger sauce. You can even make grilled S’mores, letting you re-live campfire fun back home.

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Post Author: Criss Gill