Liven up your bedroom

Your bedroom says a lot about you. The way it looks, the way it’s organised, even if it’s clean or messy says a lot about you. For example, the interior style you choose is probably the same style you express through your clothing. Why is that? Because you spend most of your time at this specific room. That’s why you probably want it to represent the best, most fashion forward version of you.

The most important thing you have to do is to determine what is your favourite style. The way you dress everyday might help. Are you the classiest person you know? Maybe you think minimalism is the way to go? Or do you still live in the 90’s? If you choose a specific style for you bedroom that you feel the most comfortable with, decorating will be much easier.

If you’re very classy, you might want to stick to monochromatic colors. If you have a favourite color, a cool idea would be to paint and decorate the room combining different shades of the same color. If that’s too much – just single out a color that will dominate in the interior of your bedroom. White, peachy, bronze, light pastel colors are a great choice.

If you like everything that’s uncommon, contemporary but yet simple, you might want to think about patterned vertical blinds for your windows. It’s an interesting solution to make your bedroom cosier, give it a unique vibe and perfectly shelter you from the sun. Choose a pattern that goes best with the rest of the interior or the one that sticks out as a unique art piece.

Most importantly – feel comfortable with what you choose. Don’t be afraid to choose something that is uncommon like bedroom vertical blinds. Make your bedroom cosy and stylish.

Post Author: Criss Gill