Planning to Buy Swivel Bar Stools? Follow these Tips to Find the Right One.

When considering to buy a swivel bar stool, the most daunting decision you face is to choose one from the plethora of choices available. A bar stool tends to add personality to your space. Have a look at these factors when considering to buy a bar stools to complement your space perfectly.

  1. Find the desired height

Ascertain which height of the bar stool you are desiring to add to your space. Bar stools tend to vary in the heights ranging from 24 inches to 30 inches. The perfect height for a bar stool when seeking optimum comfort should be 10 inches lower than the bar table or the counter you are choosing to use it with. Many bar stools also come with an adjustable height feature where their heights vary from the counter level means 24 level to the bar level means 30 inches.

  1. Consider style and comfort

Choose a bar stool that bears a design which will complement your style as well as comfort. Your options entail bar stools that have low and high backs, stools with and without arms, backless stools, bar stools with a 360 degrees swivel and half swivel or memory swivel.

  1. Go with the style

The very first aspect people tend to notice about a bar stool is its style. Select one that tends to enhance the look of your space and appeal to your taste. This entails colors, upholstery, frame material and the overall look and feel. Select colors that tend to complement with your décor, it can be swanky or minimalistic or a brushed metal frame. When decorating the bachelor pad, you can choose that gives away a pub like feel.

  1. Consider versatility

Consider how versatile your bar stool should be and for what purpose do you need them. If you are wanting to use them as a counter or a bar stool or offer additional seating in the living room when you have guests over, select a bar stool that complements all these needs.

  1. Seek a good fit

Ascertain how much space that your bar stool needs, how much space you have and how many stools can be fit comfortably. When purchasing a pair, make sure there is enough space between them when you are positioning them at your bar. There should be at least 6 inches of space between these stools. When having a tighter space, buy compact stools with no arm rests. If you have a larger space, select the ones that tend to complement the appropriate scale.

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