What To Do With Bees And Wasps That Have Invaded Your Home

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The sign of flying insects that make loud buzzing noise at your home is most likely a sign that you have an infestation from wasps or bees.  A natural reaction would be to try and get away from these insects as they have a way of making our skins crawl with fear. For many homeowners, the expectation is that these insects will in a short while go away but not if they have already built a nest near or in the house. Generally, there are lots of different species of bees and wasps, but they are all attracted to places where they build their habitats by;

  •    The ready availability of food. For most wasps what they consider to be food is other bugs and once they discover a place where they can easily get the required supply, they will not leave. For bees, the attraction could be abundant vegetation mostly trees and flowers that produce sweet nectar. Apart from these natural sources of food, most people create an environment that is conducive for the pests by unknowingly leaving out remains of protein-based foods and sweet edibles everywhere.
  •    Protected and warmer spaces. All pests share a common unifying character which is they always seek a warm and protected area to stay. Bees and wasps are no different and will always build their nests in insulated walls, hidden cracks, under deck floors, or hollow trees in the backyard that provide a suitable microenvironment. The larger these spaces are, the more the pests will thrive as they get to have an area that can accommodate newer generations given how fast they reproduce.

Typically, the importance of wasps and bees in the ecosystem is crucial, but when they get to make their nests within your home, it becomes a different situation. The protection of the insects from elimination is an objective that all humans must share but not when they put you and your family at risk. Once these insects have become comfortable within an area anything that disturbs their peace is always met with severe resistance. This can be an honest mistake such as children kicking a ball which then hits the nest, and in a matter of seconds, all hell breaks loose. On the other hand, there is also the risk of a colony that grows too large, and since food and water become limited, they suddenly become more aggressive against anything or anyone that stands on their way.

The fact that there is always the possibility of coming face to face with the aggressive nature of bees and wasps makes a DIY elimination a risk that can come with significant consequences. A sting from either a bee or wasp can trigger severe allergic reactions which on the extreme have been known to result in death especially when prompt medical care is not availed. To avoid taking risks which can put a lot of people at dangers, the services of professionals from Responsible Pest Control is not an option but the go-to solution. Exterminators who have a history for handling bees and wasps will eliminate any gambles and ensure that the insects are humanely removed from your home.

Post Author: Paul Petersen