Which Wood Species Is Best for The Frame and Cladding of My House?

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The choice of gasoline for a wooden construction is important for good performance over time. It is better to use different types of wood to design the frame, the frame or the cladding. However, several criteria come into play in order to make the right choices. In this article, Woodspec explains what are the wood species used in the realization of wood constructions.

The wood species commonly used for timber frame constructions are spruce or fir, Douglas fir, and larch. They all have specificities depending on their use.

#1: Spruce or fir

Spruce or fir is commonly used for wood framing; whether for houses, extensions, sheds, etc. just as it is great for frames, it is also a good choice for the walls. It is the structural part of the construction, it is between the interior finish and the exterior finish, i.e it is neither exposed to the weather nor to the internal use of the building.

The characteristics of spruce or fir:

  • Economic
  • Lightweight and robust at a time
  • Low resistance to humidity, it needs to be protected

#2: The douglas

Douglas fir is a species that can also be used for timber framing as well as for cladding, terraces, etc. Its higher cost than spruce or fir makes its main use for elements exposed to the weather, so it’s often used for outdoor purposes. With its natural color that tends to be red, it gives a home a warm appearance when used in cladding.

The characteristics of douglas:

  • Ideal for structure and external cladding
  • Naturally rot-proof
  • No need for treatment

#3: Larch

This wood is recognized for its very high resistance to cold. Aesthetically, it is recognizable, thanks to its light brown color. When used in external cladding, you should know that it will gradually change color to tend to a gray, which does not remove these characteristics, just that it changes its visual appearance. If you want to keep its original shade, it will require some maintenance.

The characteristics of larch:

  • Very high resistance to moisture
  • Warm and natural appearance thanks to its light brown color
  • No need for treatment

In order to make the right choices, the different types of wood have been classified according to different criteria:

    • The mechanical resistance corresponds to the resistance of wood to pressure (for a wood frame the resistance to pressure must be at least C24).
    • The visual: it defines the use of wood, whether it is more suitable or not for finishing.

  • Natural durability

  • Ability to receive treatment: defined according to 5 classes. They define the durability of the wood depending on the contact with the ground or water.


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