Why Should One Opt For Asbestos Inspection Service?

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Are you planning to renovate your home? Do you want to expand your property? Well, before you go ahead with any of the aforementioned plans, it is necessary that you conduct the asbestos inspection survey. It is quite understandable that it is not the very first thing that hits the mind when planning for property refurbishing, but should probably be the major step you should undertake.

Who needs the asbestos inspection service?

  • Home buyers
  • Renovators
  • Property managers
  • Property investors
  • Vendors

When should you get the asbestos inspection survey?

Before you start with the renovation services, it is essential that you go for the asbestos survey of your property in order to avoid disturbing any ACMs. This survey will actually help you to identify the asbestos, which needs to be removed or managed.

Before purchasing any property, you should always go for obtaining the asbestos inspection survey in order to identify the presence of asbestos. A pre-purchase inspection in this regard can save buyers from its huge expense.

Results of the asbestos inspection

After the asbestos inspection service is completed, you will receive a vivid report containing the following information:

  • Laboratory testing results
  • Recommended action – removal and management plan
  • Details of the company or person executing the survey or inspection service
  • Presence of asbestos
  • Description of all the materials containing or suspected to have asbestos

Make sure that you go through the report properly as well as the recommendations stated in it. If you have any question, direct it to the concerned person who has created the report. In case, you think that the inspection service is not properly executed, you can call for a second survey as well.

How can you manage asbestos in your property?

It is possible that the report indicates the presence of asbestos in your property. But in case, if the result turns out to be positive or it states that the property is in good condition, the asbestos can be easily monitored over the time.

In case of minor weathering or damage, a report may state immediate sealing or repairing service. This can indeed manage the risk until the entire removal service becomes necessary. Regular inspection is necessary for the asbestos to ensure complete safety.

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Post Author: Donna Enn